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A stronger core may reduce back problems, improve posture, balance and strength throughout the whole body. Stronger pelvic floor will help with incontinence, especially postnatally and a well-maintained diaphragm can help reduce stress and anxiety.


Workshops are on Sundays and you need to be available for at least 3 of the 4 to book the course.


Workshop 1 - 26th April 2020

Workshop 2 - 3rd May 2020

Workshop 3 - 17th May 2020

Workshop 4- 24th May 2020


Time: 10:00 - 12:00

Cost: £30 per person each class or £100 for all 4

Teacher: Emma

Yoga workshop course - the core with Emma

A 4-week course of 2-hour workshops

Open to all levels – appropriate for beginners

Course Overview

•Focus on strengthening all parts of the core, including the diaphragm and pelvic floor;

•Take a progression through arm balancing and work specifically on Crow and Forearm Balancing

•Dip our toes into breathwork and how to use the diaphragm properly

During these four weeks we will:


Workshop 1: What is the Core?

•Starting to strengthen and bring awareness to all aspects of the core

•Encounter arm balancing and start to build your foundation

•Take a first look at breathwork


Workshop 2: Focus: Abs and Back

•Taking a deeper focus onto the front and back of the body

•Abdominal and back flexibility through back bends

•Abdominal and back strength with postures targeted to these areas

•Building onto arm balances from previous class


Workshop 3: Focus: Sides, Pelvic Floor and Diaphragm

•Taking a deeper focus on rotational core as well as building the pelvic floor

•Building onto arm balances from previous class and a look at variations

•A deeper look at breathwork


Workshop 4: Putting it all Together

•Using everything learnt from the previous weeks together

•Taking your arm balancing to its maximum

•Wind down with a final look at breathwork and how to incorporate it into your life


The four workshops in detail:

Core workshop images