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Yoga at WNT

mindful balance yoga

A small class aimed at beginners, but with options for working on further expressions of postures for those who need them. The class has a slower flow than the mixed ability class but still focuses on building stregth and flexibility in equal measure. Classes follow a weekly theme and end with time to rest and restore.

We have 3 great yoga teachers at WNT, each with their own style and offering a broad range of yoga between them. Max group size is 7. Booking ahead is required - some class by class, some block booking.

beginners yoga flow

Yinka's  yoga classes are a balance of traditional yoga postures aimed at developing strength and flexibility with a focus on postural awareness, relaxation and mindfulness. Yinka is an osteopath as well as a yoga teacher so brings her experienced eye to small group classes giving lots of individual guidance.

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meditation and yoga nidra

A class working through guided meditation and yogic sleep. Learning to access the mind state between waking and sleep. Giving the body and mind true rest and time to restore. 1hour of Yoga Nidra can be the same as 4 hours of really good sleep!

mixed ability  flow yoga

a medium paced class working on strength, cardio and flexibility. Warming up through variations of Sun Salutations before moving on to strength and flexibility postures. Classes follow a weekly theme and all end with time to rest and restore

Erika's yoga classes are slow flow yoga leading on to a relaxation and meditation.  Erika's classes are slow paced and quite strong, suitable if you have practiced a little before and enjoy a varied practice with time for meditation and relaxation.

pregnancy yoga

Emma's pregnancy yoga classes work on building strength through pregnancy in preparation for labour and birth as well as breathing exercises to help calm the body and mind. All levels welcome from 12 weeks.

slow flow yoga

class descriptions:

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